It’s Here!

The final edit of the Moment of Truth RPG is now available for your perusal. <thud>

Moment of Truth RPG

Moment of Truth started life about four years ago as the Drama, Tension, Conflict RPG.

The game has changed quite a bit from those early days. There’s been a lot of playtesting, rewriting, starting from scratch.

I’m happy with the game as it stands today. It has what I’m looking for in an RPG: simple, universal resolution mechanics, quick combat resolution, and the ability to be gritty or high-flying as a game system.

One thing I did not expect when I first started developing the system was that, as I moved and tweaked mechanics, I realized GMs could do the exact same thing and make the game reinforce the campaign tone the GM is striving for.

In addition, I introduced what I I think is a good solution for defense during combat, as well as a damage system that can be both forgiving and unforgiving.