Moment of Truth RPG

The is the final version of Moment of Truth core rules. The only revision from the previous final edition is that the gentleman who did the amazing job at laying the book out, Matt Leonard, added his names to the credits.

Feel free to download it. Hope you enjoy it.

If you wish to support my efforts to develop more for MoT, there will be a  pay-what-you-want option on drivethrurpg.

The link is: As of this posting, the link isn’t yet public. I’ll post when it is.


What’s coming up in Moment of Truth

I have several irons in the fire  for the coming year to support the Moment of Truth RPG.

Moments RPG ‘ZINE!

Moments is a periodical I’m publishing to support MoT. The first two issues are written and edited. The first issue will be release with a pay-what-you-want version of the MoT core rules .

Vast Dominions

Vast Dominions is an early 20th century “science” fiction setting. The space navies of the world’s great powers explore the solar system in dirigibles. It’s a world of unbridled expansionist colonialism.

Blood, Blade and Tusk

What if the crusades and the Norman invasion of Britain were curtailed by an invasion of France by thousands of war-hardened orcs? It’s a world of orc tribal politics, the Holy Roman Empire, the Inquisition, and you’re stuck in the middle.


Arkendale is both a high fantasy setting for MoT and the setting for a scaled-down version of MoT for kids. The first playtests of Arkendale will be happening in the next two months. And glimpses of the setting (and expanded rules) will be previewed in Moments.

Even More

Apart from my own efforts, there are no less that four other settings being developed for Moment of Truth right now.

It’s Here!

The final edit of the Moment of Truth RPG is now available for your perusal. <thud>

Moment of Truth RPG

Moment of Truth started life about four years ago as the Drama, Tension, Conflict RPG.

The game has changed quite a bit from those early days. There’s been a lot of playtesting, rewriting, starting from scratch.

I’m happy with the game as it stands today. It has what I’m looking for in an RPG: simple, universal resolution mechanics, quick combat resolution, and the ability to be gritty or high-flying as a game system.

One thing I did not expect when I first started developing the system was that, as I moved and tweaked mechanics, I realized GMs could do the exact same thing and make the game reinforce the campaign tone the GM is striving for.

In addition, I introduced what I I think is a good solution for defense during combat, as well as a damage system that can be both forgiving and unforgiving.